Welcome to Ruled by Mortals (RbM)! RbM is a work-in-process campaign set in the homebrew campaign setting of Ra’az (also a WIP). This Portal serves to collect all the information pertaining to both Ra’az and RbM.

Ra’az is a unique homebrew setting that uses a heavily modified/houseruled D&D 3.5 ruleset. There are custom races, classes, rules changes, etc. all detailed here.

Ra’az is one of seven realms created by the gods (known by many religions as The Great Council). In the time before mortals, Omh, leader of the gods, rose up and struck down the Primordials. From their shattered remains, Omh built the realms of Ra’az and Twilia. The remainder of the primordial corpses compose the other five realms.

Ra’az and Twilia were built to the requests and whims of the council, and mortals were made. For ages the world was at peace, and the gods shared their time with the mortals. Then came the Exodus. Races were scattered, and the gods left. Most of them, anyway. Now comes the age Ruled by Mortals.

Ruled by Mortals